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Print-out Guide

So you have your design, now how many print-outs do you need?


To save on waste and have a perfectly wrapped gift input your measurements in our clever calculator to work out how many sheets of A4 paper you require. Measure your Gift that you are wrapping by its (length, width & height) in CM's.

Print-out Calculator

  • Measure the longest side of the package
  • Measure the width of the package
  • Measure the height of the package

Show me how to Wrap my Present

Once you have your A4 print-outs of paper, next you need to join them together with tape.

Line up the sheets for the slight overlap, whilst making sure your design is the same way round. (We recommend you have your artwork face-down).

Tape your sheets together. And then place your box on your wrapping paper.

For best results make sure that the paper joins are not on the corners of the box.

Watch video>>

Useful Printing Tips

💡 To get the best out of your design please download our handy-tips here.